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Here's our take on Katy Perry's "Wide awake" and George Ezra's "Budapest"



Broken & Ordinary


Based out of Lansing, Michigan, Dan and Mark of The Swift Brothers duo have a long musical history together. The one-time co-workers and soon-to-be friends decided to create a band in 2005 by the name of Palexia Went to England. The four piece band soon put out the album "Etc.," which included the fan favorite song, "Broken." 

Out of love for what they do, Dan and Mark decided to form an additional acoustic duo on the side and play some different venues. Taking the name "The Bandaids," the two kept the act simple with nothing but Mark on guitar and Dan on vocals.

When Palexia went its separate ways, Dan and Mark continued to play as The Bandaids but more as a hobby than anything else. Eventually, the two would decide to dive head first back into the music world. Instead of forming another full sized band, the two decided to stay a duo but to up their game.

This new musical drive deserved a new name.  As long time friends, the duo felt like brothers. It was only natural that the new name should reflect that.  And so The Swift Brothers were born. Not long after, their first single "Ordinary" was written. Over the last few years, the group has evolved and hesitantly hangs on to the "acoustic" label. The Swift Brothers have created a unique and full sound that rivals many full sized bands.



Lead Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Percussion / Dan Laird
Lead Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Bass, Vocals, Percussion / Mark Collins



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This is a raw unplugged video courtesy of Around the Sound magazine for their March 2016 feature on us.


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